warranty and maintenance

All SUBISSATI products that are steriliser impregnated come with a 10 YEAR warranty. This is valid against the material showing signs of wear due to putrefaction of the wood caused by fungi and insect attack.

The warranty is only valid under the following conditions:

• the products must have been used and installed correctly and in accordance with the assembly instructions;
• the profiles must be used in compliance with risk class 3 (UNI EN 599-1 standards) protection for wood not in contact with the ground;
• the profiles must not have been planed, smoothed, sawn or milled longitudinally;
• the use and maintenance instructions must have been applied;
• the profiles must not be installed near mulch;
• the material must only be used in Italy. It may be used in other countries where prior written agreement has been granted by SUBISSATI SRL to this effect.

The warranty excludes: transport, labour and any direct or indirect damages.
SUBISSATI will replace parts under warranty with others that are identical or similar, as long as documentation can be produced proving purchase.