Post and Beam

The origins of the Post and Beam construction system go back a very long way, and given its simplicity, it has often been used in various architectures, particularly in the far east, to build important constructions and places of worship.

The choice of using this technology is dictated only and exclusively by structural conditions or specific needs such as large windows or openings, where it is difficult to use the Platform Frame, X-Lam or Blockhaus construction systems.

This construction system is most frequently used in commercial and industrial structures, sports halls, warehouses and display areas, etc.
Another situation where the choice falls to Post and Beam is where there is an underlying frame (reinforced concrete frame) onto which the demands determined by the overlying wooden structure are to be discharged (e.g. superelevations).

One example of this construction technology can be seen in our company's offices and showroom.

As for all framed systems, regardless of the type of material used, the structural conduct is simple: vertical loads are first transferred from the horizontal structures to the vertical structures and then from the vertical structures to the foundations.

However, with respect to the normal, more classic reinforced concrete or steel frames, the method by which the various joints are developed needs to be properly assessed, with suitable steel plates used and mechanical connection elements, all in view of the effective service class used: the level of the restriction to the structure foot needs to be carefully assessed, seeking to avoid any rigid push-fit type connections and, where required, using suitable bracing systems comprising wooden or steel crosses and stiffening wooden walls.

Additionally, in Post and Beam, the dissipative capacity can be defined as extremely variable and very much affected by the level of hyperstaticity and the type of mechanical connections (the qo structure factor ranges from 2.5 to 4.0).

The wall and ceiling buffers of structures created using Post and Beam can be wood or any other material.