Recent years’ rediscovery of wood is down to the flexibility that this material features, meaning that it can be used in a great many different products, in many different ways. Wood has always been appreciated and sought-after for its high mechanical resistance. Its unique porous fibre helps protective treatments, guaranteeing excellent duration over time. The guarantee of obtaining products that will best satisfy our customers’ demands comes first and foremost from the materials used. We have always been able to boast an in-depth knowledge of wood, and pay great attention in choosing its characteristics. The choice of only high quality raw materials is, in fact, the first step in the process, and one of our major focuses. SUBISSATI products are created from Scandinavian lamellar pine wood. Gluing is carried out according to regulation DIN 1052, paragraph 1, section 12.1 and with comb joints according to regulation DIN 68140. Furthermore, we can also use other high quality wood stains, on demand.

SUBISSATI projects take concrete form in the carpentry department. It is here that each product is developed, with great care and attention paid throughout production. The modern and sophisticated technologies used add an undisputed value to the finished product. Each automatic machine can perform various types of workings perfectly (drilling, milling, fitting, etc.). An in-depth awareness of the development processes and materials allows us to limit the use of metal fastening accessories, thereby exalting the mechanical and aesthetic properties of the wood.
Today, the wood working department covers an area of 10,000 m² of which more than 4,000 m² are covered. We use sections of up to 400x1200 mm: this allows us to construct even largescale, complex works. For specific products, such as trusses and frames in general, we pre-assemble the structures to make final installation easier. The wood working department is supported by two other departments: one for the working of metal carpentry, that allows for the development of mixed wood-steel structures, and another to work PVC covers for awned structures.

Wood, like all organic materials, risks deteriorating over time due to attack by atmospheric agents. We use a steriliser impregnation system that can guarantee a long life for products. We collaborate with the company manufacturing the impregnation salts, and have together successfully identified the best procedure for this cycle. Strict controls are carried out throughout all phases of the process: monitoring of the initial vacuum to remove all air possible from inside the wood cells; monitoring of the time and intensity of pressure (approx. 12 bars) within the steriliser to help guarantee good preservative penetration; monitoring of the final vacuum time and drip time necessary to drain all excess liquid. In addition, a technician from the salts supplier carries out regular inspection audits. All phases of the impregnation cycle are managed by software to eliminate all possible human error. The salts used, certified by the Berlin Technical Construction Institute (DIBt), are recognised as ecological, as they are entirely free from chrome and arsenic.
Wood treatment ends with the application of a finish. This operation consists of two separate phases: the first aims to exalt the colour of the wood, whilst in the second stage, the surface is compacted and enhanced with impregnates and waterbased finishes. The structure has therefore been waterproofed and acquires an elegant shine and extraordinary capacity to last over time, thereby drastically reducing maintenance costs. All working cycles are carried out in utmost compliance with ecological parameters and the procedure is monitored constantly.

Installation is carried out by highly qualified in-house technicians who lay the structures following graphical drawings prepared by the technical department. Even when installation is not carried out directly by SUBISSATI, the lay is supported and facilitated by a detailed executive design: each beam or component of the product is assigned an identification code, making assembly extremely easy.
The SUBISSATI technicians are always on hand for any consultancy, providing specific, accurate assistance.