Project presentation: Marchetti school complex - Senigallia (AN)


Work recently began on the construction of the new Marchetti school complex in Senigallia (AN).

The new complex will consist of three large structures: the Marchetti lower secondary school, a gymnasium and a multi-purpose sports facility with all the necessary facilities, including changing rooms and space for possible spectators, and the Arcobaleno nursery school.

Francesco Subissati's words perfectly outline the "spirit" of the project"


"This is a major commitment for Subissati and for the partner companies, which include Cecconi, as well as for our designers and for the municipal technicians who are working with us on this significant and important redevelopment of this public area. The idea, which then took shape in the executive project, was to create a series of "attractive and safe" and above all comfortable schools and facilities, both inside and outside the school premises. It is an entire campus dedicated to pupils and to the school. All our energies and resources are focused on bringing this new and exciting venture to a successful conclusion."


"From a technical point of view, the operation was organised in compliance with the provisions of the Procurement Code, according to which the concessionaire guarantees the design, construction, and subsequent availability of the work for a period of 20 years, for the payment of a fee. 


This modus operandi, which is typical of a public-private partnership, offers important guarantees to the client on the correct design and timing of performance of the work,' explains Cesare Morganti, Sales Manager of the company.



The school complex will be built by a group of local companies coordinated by Subissati Srl and will be financed through a 20-year Public-Private Partnership operation. 



CLIENT: Municipality of Senigallia (AN)

Proceedings Manager: Ms. Dora De Mutiis (engineer)


Technical Group - Municipality of Senigallia:

Ms. Elisa Benvenuto (engineer);

Ms. Gigliola Gara (engineer)

Mr. Giovanni Brunetti (engineer)


Architectural design:

Mr. Nazzareno Petrini (architect)



Ms. Anna Serretti (architect)

Ms. Simona Cerolini (engineer)

Ms. Giulia Birarelli (architect)


Structural design:

Mr. Attilio Marchetti Rossi (engineer)

Mr. Roberto Ortolani (engineer) - S.T.A. Landi


Hydraulic project

Ms. Elisa Seta (engineer)

Systems, fire-prevention, acoustic and energy design

Serpilli Srl



Mr. Massimo Gradoni (engineer)


Works Management:

Ms. Elisa Romagnoli (engineer)

Mr. Andrea Clementoni (engineer);

Mr. Samuele Pietrucci (engineer)


Safety coordinator during the performance phase:

Mr. Samuele Pietrucci (engineer)

Implementing subjects:

A.T.I. Incorporated 

Subissati Srl

Cecconi Srl



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